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Hi I’m Paige. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Monique J. Caruth as my PT for my first knee surgery & recovery. Dr. Caruth was very persistent in me following up with my surgeon to have the excessive fluid drawn out of my knee. The surgeon was reluctant at first but when he did, Monique was correct. There was over 45cc of fluid on my knee. Now that the fluid was gone, I was ready for PT. Even though it was painful, she assured me it was only temporary and the benefits would outweigh the pain. She was right. Today, I’m an active cyclist who has ridden a metric century. That is 62 miles. Cycling is one of the greatest therapies for knee injuries. I’m looking forward to one day completing a century. That’s 100 miles in a day. I’ve ridden over 100 miles in a week but ultimately my goal is 100 miles in a day. Dr. Monique Caruth continues to aide and guide me. Her support, knowledge and expertise are spot on. She is my PT angel and invests in her clients with genuine love, concern and determination to regain life and live it to the fullest. Thanks for all you do!.

Paige Exum Welch

Dr. Monique, I am sooo happy that I chose to be treated by an awesome physical therapist and I appreciate the way you challenged me to be better 🙂 Your professionalism speaks for itself- so keep up the great work 🙂 Continuous blessings always Dr. Monique.


Hello Doc. I am sitting in the waiting room at the hospital waiting to have my CT scan. My nurse came out to give me an update as to why I’ve been waiting so long. She stopped in her tracks when she did not notice a cane and saw that my knee was fully bent! :-))) She said, ” Girl, you might be going back to work full time!” I told her I was amazed at my progress as well. Thank you!


I had a partial knee replacement in 2008 after a skiing accident and the doctor said I’d never wear heels again. I said the devil is a liar! Thanks to my physical therapist Dr. Monique Caruth I can wear heels again! Yeah!!!!!

Jamila Clark

Let this testimony show that Dr. Monique has gone above and beyond the “call of duty”. Not only has she helped me tremendously physically but also psychologically. Dr. Monique, thank you for all you do, as a matter of fact I feel the need to share this with you

Vera Gomes

Dr. Monique Caruth was my therapist at home. She was very nice, caring, gentle but firm, and extremely professional. Her goal was to get me on my feet after my hip replacement. I am well underway to recovery. She was careful to not ask me to do things that would hurt me but still pushed so that my downtime is minimal. I highly recommend Dr. Monique. Many thanks for your help and assistance.

Pat Bray

I am so blessed to meet Dr. Monique for my in home therapy. I was recovering from a bilateral total hip replacement and she did a great job bringing me back to normal even before I go to outpatient therapy. She is very friendly, caring and professional person and I would like to thank her. I was so happy to meet Dr. Monique in my home visits,she was a big encouragement for me to move forward. She even planned a special home exercises for me which I plan to do it every day. God bless you and thank you for all your support.


Dr. Monique provided me with in-home physical therapy after I had a dislocated compound fracture of my ankle in January. Without her, I don’t think I’d be driving and walking today. I still have my exercises to do that she gave me, but I owe my success to her. I recently found out that another woman in one of our offices that is located in another state also broke her ankle like I did (in December) and had the exact same surgery. Unfortunately, she isn’t in the same place mobility and range of motion wise as I am and I believe, after talking with her, that it’s due to the type of PT she had (or didn’t have…) once her cast was removed. If she’d had Dr. Monique available to her, I think her situation would be very different!

Susan Marshall Baker

Thank you Dr. Monique for the wonderful care you provided. I had a TKR which is scary and painful however you were wonderful answering all my questions, motivating me through painful exercises and above all reassuring me what was normal for this process. As a RN myself, this level of service is so greatly needed however is lacking in many providers. Thank you for caring and providing this exceptional level of service. Also, thank you for being a leader within the healthcare community. I highly recommend you for your professionalism and service! Thank you Dr. Monique.

Deidre Fisher

This is my testimonial to the professional and caring treatment I received from Dr. Monique Caruth as part of my rehabilitation from knee surgery. She was the contracted PT for my in-home physical therapy. We got started right away. Monique called the day of my hospital discharge to make arrangements to start therapy the next day and I am so thankful. Monique is one of those people who makes a huge impact on a person’s life. Monique is not only very professional, but she is a fun and caring person. She is the perfect professional to help people who are physically limited, but also may be feeling low due to limitations. She is personable and motivational. She made me feel like I could do more than I thought I could. IT WORKED. My outpatient therapist made the comment that I was doing “so good” with my therapy that I must have “had a very good home-therapist”‘ which I replied “I did!” I highly recommend Monique for caring and professional help.

Highly Satisfied Client in Glen Burnie, Maryland

I had a total hip replacement and Dr. Monique was the contracted PT sent to help me. I was amazed at how well these went. I admit I was a bit scared , as I have been in severe pain for 7 years, and have not been able to walk much at all for the last 2. Now with my new hip that pain is gone and Monique was a gift to me! She had me doing stairs (3 flights) and walking with no assistance ( goodbye cane) within 4 visits. Doing the walking and exercises with her really inspired me to get my body and my life back together. Monique is wonderful and I could not be back to where I am , now, just 4 weeks later. Thank you so much for the wonderful care.

Melissa Parvis

After having cervical disc fusion surgery Dr. Monique arrived within three days of my hospital discharge to care for me and establish my physical therapy regimen. Dr. Monique quickly assessed my needs and designed a program that was challenging and effective. She constantly monitored my progress and modified my program to address my needs. As I continue my individual recovery, I am confident I can seek advice from Dr. Monique. Her response is prompt, informative, and honest. Dr. Monique approaches her patients with professionalism and a beaming smile. She is knowledgeable in her field and truly cares about her patients’ well-being. I could not have asked for a better physical therapist and can recommend her without reservation.